Novelty Socks – Two Pairs for £5 (BARGAIN BONANZA)

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£5.00 | €6.00

Isn’t even Christmas if you don’t have a pair of novelty socks? This is sure to be a conversation piece. Novelty socks UK Sizes 5-11. High quality. Trainer Socks red, Trainer Socks navy blue, Shark Socks, Football Boots Socks, Sneaker Brogue Socks, Boot Socks Red.

To order, contact your VivaMK distributor or use product codes below on your catalogue or forms.

Use code 90015 for two random pairs for £10 promotional deal

20062 – Sneaker Socks Red
20063 – Sneaker Socks Navy Blue
20064 – Shark Socks
20065 – Football Boot Socks
20066 – Brogue Socks
20067 – Boot Socks Red