Sealing Bags Clips Pack of 10 – Assorted Colours

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£12.00 | €14.40

  • Pack of 10 in Assorted Colours.
  • Product dimension: 11x12x1.4cm
  • Material:Plastic

Seal clips are made of Eco-friendly and safe plastic, perfect for different kinds of plastic bags: chips, bread, frozen food or other foods bags, keeping foods airtight and watertight from being stale. Clips with mixed sizes are handiest kitchen gadgets for you to keep different food fresh longer and contained in the pantry, fridge, or freezer. It is easy to open and close, and easy to store.
Bright color makes it easy to find in the drawer. The barrette-style design makes them safely closed. And the clips with round edge will not snag or rip
on the plastic bags. Bags seal clips can be used safely in refrigerators
and dishwashers, sturdy and reusable.

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